A&B Technoconsulting offers custom software development of wide area of products, services and solutions. The company provides product data management system (PDM), project planning, customers relationship management and other solutions which help increasing companies productivity.

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Along with own software products development, A&B Technoconsulting provides other types of services:

  • Custom software development according customer requirements
  • Replacement of legacy tools and applications with new actual ones
  • Consulting on areas of data management, automation, workflows and general technical consultation

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Dataworks is a set of applications that helps companies to improve their product design workflow with one of the most essential feature – the product data management (PDM), fully integrated with SolidWorks, AutoCad and ME10 CAD systems.

FlexRequests is change management system that tracks all incoming requests – internal or external, of any type – administrative, technical and engineering, financial, and many others. Requests are analyzed, reviewed and discussed to get approval or rejection.

Customers relationships management – from initial e-mail contacts to prospects and converting to active customers. Plan marketing campaigns. Keep track of all relation events – calls, meetings, requests, etc.

Create and edit task hierarchical structure by splitting into more simple tasks to allow more precise estimations. Manage tasks resources, track progress and improve work planning.

Create and manage library of complex CAD models (multi-file hierarchical assemblies) that can be used as starting base for creating new products. Escape from the boundaries of existing single file CAD templates, create and re-use own complex templates.

FlexSNC is serial number codification system that manages all types of serial numbers – manufacturing, documentation, maintenance and bug tracking, project management, and many others.