Tasks are part of everyday life of people, organizations and companies. Effective task management is important also for customers relationship lifetime.

FlexTasks is module of FlexOffice suite that manages tasks, create complex task structures for easier and more precise estimations, track task status.

Tasks management

Managing tasks includes not only creation and editing of existing tasks, but also managing task status, assign resources and allow better planning of the work.

Many tasks come from customer requests and require making estimation to reach agreement with customer for the price and completion date. Since most tasks can be complex, splitting into smaller and smaller tasks allows more precise estimation and preliminary analysis of more specific details and avoid some unexpected problems during the task work.


FlexTasks includes estimations module which allows splitting the root task into more simpler subtasks which are much easier to estimate. Multi-level tasks tree editor allow to create complex structures and estimate leave tasks (tasks without subtasks) and the estimation is automatically propagated to the root task.

While estimations are not precise, tasks editor allows more flexible estimations via minimum and maximum estimated time (average estimation is automatically calculated). When esimation is ready and agreement with customer is set, the task can be put in the project plan* using one of the estimations – min, avg or max.

* Project planning module is still not available to FlexOffice suite


  • Create and edit tasks structure
  • Manage root tasks status (new, in progress, on hold, completed
  • Split root task into multi-level more simpler subtasks for easier analysis, estimation and resource planning
  • Link tasks to specific customer in connection with other FlexOffice modules
  • Directly access customer tasks from customers list

System requirements

  • 32 or 64-bit Windows 7 or newer
  • .NET Framework 4.6.1 or newer
  • Microsoft SQL Server 2008 or newer for multi-user environment
  • Standalone use with local SQLite file database


  • Per client machine
  • Floating (network) licenses
  • Flexible licensing according customer requirements


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