From initial prototype contacts list through prospects to reach active customers – FlexRelations allow to manage all that for the very important customer relationship.

Keep track of all relations with the customer – meetings, calls, e-mails and others. Manage incoming tasks per customer with FlexTasks module.


Manage all tasks – internal or coming from customers by keeping track of task progress. Allow more precise estimation of complex tasks via splitting into smaller subtasks with the improved task structure editor.

Keep tasks along with other customer specific data and access it from single user interface for greater experience.


Requests management system that keeps track of all incoming change requests in company or organization. Involve responsible persons to analyze and take decision to reject or approve the requests so it will become change order.

Approval process includes discussions with questions and answers that are kept as history for the decision taking.


Rich-featured serial numbers codification system that can be used as standalone SerialsRegistry application or as add-in used in other applications.

Generate different type of serial numbers with various definitions – from fully automated generation of numbers that not require human interaction to user selectable tab items for different fields of the serial definition.

Dataworks PDM

Improve products design workflow by adding product data management system that will care about files storage, part numbers revisions, BOM structures management, support of different CAD applications integration (SolidWorks, AutoCAD, ME10), custom part numbers generation using FlexSNC add-in, and other helpful features.

Multi-users collaboration is enhanced with web based portal, change orders management (using FlexRequests add-in) for all technical modifications as part of the whole product lifecycle management.


Part of CAD Helpers series of tools, FlexPrototypes allows creation of own library of complex CAD assemblies and re-use as base in future designs and products development.

Reduce the R&D time by creating the prototypes library on local computer or globally accessible across the team. No more single file templates. Get the power of full project templates, known from software development, to the CAD world.

* Currently in preview with SolidWorks add-in available

CAD Notifications*

Another tool from CAD Helpers series that improves users collaboration while using CAD systems in multi-user environment.

Receive real-time notifications when file in currently opened assembly is modified by another user on another computer. Avoid hard to merge modifications by different users of same file at the same time.

The module can work as addition to existing PDMs which don’t support real-time notifications.

* Currently in development of  SolidWorks add-in