A&B Technoconsulting S.r.l. provides different types of services – from development of enterprise products to custom software development, data management automation, consulting.

Check out few of our publicly available products:

  • Dataworks – product data management system with CAD integration
  • FlexRequests – register, analyze, discuss and approve incoming change requests
  • FlexSNC – serial numbers codification module with UI based serials definition editor and Serials Registry application that incorporates the module
  • FlexPrototypes – create and use library of complex CAD prototypes used as base for creation of new products

Custom software development

Develop software applications according customer requirements:

  • Workflow automation – replace old documents and manual editing with automated management in applications designed for customer workflow.
  • Migrate existing worksheets and documents to centralized database.
  • Replace legacy tools and applications with newly built ones according actual customer requirements.
  • Implement new business rules in the automated workflow
  • Improve interaction and communication between units in the company following internal processes and rules


In data-centric world we provide consulting services about:

  • data management
  • processes automation
  • good practices integration
  • workflows improvement
  • technical consultation

For more information, consultation or development request, please contact us